When your child is absent from school there are several procedures to follow.



  1. Each day your child will be absent, please call the school Nurse’s office at 

767-5410  before 8:45am.

  1. Be sure to say your child’s name, classroom teacher, and the reason for the absence if leaving a message.
  2. If you have not called in, an automated system will call you.
  3. If you know your child will be absent for an extended period of time, you can leave that information and daily calls will not be necessary.
  4. If your child attends an after school program, it is necessary for you to call the program when your child is not attending (whether your child was absent, taken home from school early, has an appointment after school, illness, etc.)

Absence Note

Upon returning to school, your child must present a signed note (addressed to the nurse) from you stating your child’s name, date, days of absence, and the reason for the absence.  This is required by New York State law.


It is important to remember that New York State law permits absence from school only for specific reasons:  sickness or quarantine; unsafe travel conditions; death or sickness in the family; religious observance; required presence in court; approved educational trips and programs; remedial health treatment; and approved cooperative work program.  OTHER ABSENCES ARE ILLEGAL


Absence Due to Contagious Disease

When your child has one of the following contagious diseases:


Chicken Pox Scabies

Scarlet Fever Conjunctivitis

Strep Throat Fifth Disease

Lice Mononucleosis

Ringworm COVID-19


Please call the school Nurse, Ms. Costello at 767-5410.  A note will be given to children in the class to alert their parents to be aware of the symptoms of the illness in their child.

Homework Policy for Absent Students

Students and families are encouraged to get homework assignments by calling a classmate or having a friend or sibling stop by the classroom and then drop it off at your house.  The main office can also be contacted if you intend to come to school to pick up homework, and it will be ready at the end of the day.  Extended absences may require an email or phone call with the teacher to plan appropriately for your child.


When students return to school, they will discuss with their teachers any work missed.  Individual teachers will communicate their expectations regarding long term or on-going assignments.


Please note that, according to District Policy, homework is not provided for illegal absences such as vacations.

Children often find it difficult getting ready for school in the morning and parents can experience difficulties that leave them behind schedule.  At Salem, we understand these early morning challenges and can accommodate an occasional lateness.


When a child is frequently late to school, he/she always has to play catch-up.  Having missed the morning announcements, the pledge, the general directions for the day from the teacher and the time allotted for children to ease into the rhythm of the day, the tardy child faces extra challenges in adjusting to the normal academic demands.  This additional burden often causes problems for the child throughout the morning and places him/her at a learning disadvantage.


It is very important for all children to experience the full school day.  We enlist your help in seeing that your child, too, has this advantage.