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Arrival/Dismissal Information

Children may arrive at school anytime between 8:30am and 8:45am.and they will be supervised until the start of the school day at 8:45am.  Any student who wishes to purchase breakfast may do so at this time.

  • Students who qualify will arrive at school by bus.  They will unload in front of the north wing (the big circle across from the playground).  This area is for buses only and is not an option for parents.

  • Students may be dropped off by car in one of two places.  On the north side of the campus, students may be dropped off and walk onto the school grounds by way of Cliff Way.  Families may also drop off in front of the building by using the Newbury Road entrance.  Once you have driven around the circle immediately in front of the building, you will pull your car into the forward most available spot along the curb.  Your children may then unload on the curb side of your car only.

  • Walkers may enter campus via Newbury Rd or Cliff Way.  Children must use the west sidewalk on Newbury Rd. if this is your choice. If using Cliff Way, no parents are allowed on campus past the gate.

  • Children in grades 4 and 5 may ride their bicycles to school.  Children must wear helmets and walk their bicycles once on school grounds.  A bike rack is available for locking bicycles near the Kindergarten door exit.  Hoverboards and skateboards are not permitted in the building or on school grounds.

The dismissal of students begins daily at 2:50pm and generally follows this schedule:

  • 2:50 All kindergarten door walker are released.
  • 2:55 All students who are walking via the Cliff Way door are released.
  • 2:55 All car pick up students will be start to be called. 



The two different doors for your children to be dismissed from will remain the same (Kindergarten Door and Cliff Way Door). If you are using the Kindergarten Door, you can choose whether you want your child to walk home independently or be released to an adult. If you want your child to be released to an adult, you will indicate which adults will be taking your child on the dismissal form. They will be required to sign out your child and he/she will not be allowed to exit the building without an adult coming to the door. If you are using the Cliff Way Door, your child has to be an independent walker as no parent is allowed on campus past the gate.

Car-Pick Up

If parents choose car pick up for dismissal, your child must be picked up by car. Every Salem family will be assigned a transportation number and will be given two signs with this number (enclosed). The person picking up will need to have this with them at car-pick up.  This needs to be placed in the upper right hand corner of the dashboard. All students will be waiting inside the building. The paraprofessional radios inside the school the number associated with your family. They will come out based on the cars that are in front of the school.

Bus Dismissal

Busses are called as they arrive.  Students stay in the classrooms until their bus arrives.  Paraprofessionals take attendance as students filter on the bus. 

Daily Dismissal Changes

We ask that daily changes only be made in case of an emergency. All requests must be sent in by email to [email protected] no later than 12pm on the day of the change.  Phone calls will no longer be accepted. You can indicate different dismissal choices by day on the dismissal form.

Changes to Dismissal

If you need to make a change in advance to the dismissal form, we request that all changes are made no later than Monday before 12pm in the same week.

If you need to pick-up your child from school prior to regular dismissal time, parents needs to send a note to [email protected].  Please sign out your child from the Main Office.  This should only be done prior to 2:30pm. 

Any child being dismissed early can only be dismissed to a parent in the Main Office.  Students will not be dismissed to waiting cars.  Parents need to park and enter.  If you are sending someone in your place, it is required that you send an email indicating your approval for this individual to act on your behalf.

Students in kindergarten through fifth grades are eligible for bus service based on distance from school as determined by the district. 

Bus students will exit from the double doors across from the playgrounds as their busses are called. K students will wait in the cafeteria and be escorted to the bus by paraprofessionals.   Upon entering the bus, they are expected to sit with their grade level, buckle their seatbelt, and stay seated throughout the trip.  It is expected that kindergarteners will sit in the front of the bus and the grade level will increase as you move toward the back of the bus.  Climbing across the seats, playing with the emergency door and being generally disruptive endangers the safety of others and may result in suspension of bus service for the offender.

Bus Rules

  1. NO food on the bus.
  2. No electronic devices on the bus. 
  3. Stay in your seat.
  4. Be on time, the bus will leave as scheduled.
  5. Wait in line on the curb for the bus.
  6. Go on YOUR bus only.
  7. Keep all parts of your body in the bus.
  8. Talk softly.
  9. Allow the bus driver to concentrate.

If there is any problem on the bus, it should be reported to the bus driver immediately and the principal if needed.  If you have any questions about busing, you may call Ms. Robin Allen, Coordinator of Transportation at 767-5064.

Please be advised that district-wide bus regulations only permit children to ride the bus to which they are assigned.  No deviation from this policy will be permitted.