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Gina Kelly

Salem School Counselor



School based counseling is used to reinforce social, coping, classroom and decision making skills at school.  These skills often are integrated into all aspects of children’s lives. The counseling program is designed to help students have the best academic experience possible. 


As a school counselor, I contribute to a dynamic learning experience by promoting each child’s emotional, social and academic well- being and growth.  My role as a school counselor is to be a student advocate, one who collaborates with the students, parents, teachers, administration and community to ensure our students reach their full potential. 


Your support can help make your child’s school years a rewarding experience. It is my hope that parents and students feel free to use the school counseling services offered at Salem.  I look forward to working with you.


Counseling Services Offered


Classroom guidance lessons on a variety of topics such as, making good choices, bullying, friendship, and positive school behaviors.


Individual and group counseling inclusive of many topics including anxiety, friendship, anger management, bereavement, self-esteem and divorce.


Assist with community outreach and coordinate referrals to outside agencies.